Apologies to my American friends

05 Mar 2016 5:34 AM | John Heap (Administrator)

I am not a political animal - except insofar as I think I understand the role of government in creating the infrastructure required for productivity development (and have offered advice to quite a few governments over the years).

However, I must say that I am astonished by the current political scene in the USA.

The Republican party seems to be doing its best to tear itself apart.

The only comment I will make on Donald Trump is that, from this distance, he seems to be a 'populist' - telling people what he thinks they want to hear - with little ideology backing up his rhetoric.

Hopefully if he ever got to power, he would moderate some of his views - and take advice from those with more political experience.

I fear if he does not, the USA is in for a period of instability -and falling productivity.

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